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    Introducing from Florida!

    car enthusiast Adventurer

      Good morning everyone!

      My name is Lindsey, I'm 20 years old and although I haven't started a business yet, I have an opportunity to do so and was hoping the members of this page would be able to help me with my little project. I created a private Facebook group for Florida car enthusiasts to find events/shows/meets across the state and country. It also has come to serve as a social media page. I myself  have hosted shows with vendors and raffles etc but the money has been donated to good causes. Since February my group has grown to 1200 active members. The majority of users comment and post daily. I know I have a decent audience, which is still growing, and I'm looking to find a way to profit from the group. I invest a bit of time and effort into this group and would like to see it grow into something big. If anyone has any advice they would like to share, or if anyone has been in my position please feel free to contact me!


      I am also looking forward to reviewing everyone else's posts and questions, I may not be of much help right now being that I haven't started a business yet, but I am in school for it and work with 2 business owners who have given me a lot of advice that may be applicable.


      And lastly, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an interesting community!