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    Why Online Service Marketplace is a Hot Business Idea?

    Smriti Wangnoo Adventurer

      The list of online businesses worth starting is inexhaustible. Just run a Google search and you would know. But the potential in online gigs or service marketplace is so huge that it deserves a special mention. For those who don’t know, let’s first give a quick introduction of the micro jobs industry.


      The definition

      Online service marketplaces are ones where people search for service providers to get small tasks and chores done. It can be something as simple as cleaning the house or technically demanding as setting up an online shop.


      Why start online service marketplace?

      While profitability is surely the end objective, here are some reasons why entrepreneurs are excited about launching global as well as local service marketplaces:

      • Big future demand – Work life is becoming more demanding and thus small chores will be outsourced.
      • Profit potential – There is no hassle of selling products. Profits are generated in the form of commission on every successful job delivered.
      • Multiple options – Compete with the biggest names in the industry, launch something local, or target a specific segment. There are endless possibilities!


      Most importantly…

      You don’t need to invest tens of thousands of dollars to start your micro jobs board website. There are readymade scripts available in the market to get started quickly. Choosing a solution like Yo!Gigs will guarantee better traffic and performance as it will bring:

      • Powerful features
      • Scalability and SEO benefit
      • Responsive advantage

      Don’t forget to try demos before choosing local service marketplace software for your gigs portal. Good luck!