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    Running a small business? Do these 5 things from

    reputation Adventurer

      If you're running a small business, could be your best friend and closest ally. Why? Because this company, comprised of search engine optimization, internet privacy and reputation management experts, could help you to build a strong foundation that protects your company from internet slander attacks, bad reviews and ultimately from an online reputation catastrophe. When negative information about you shows up online, will make sure that you’re business is prepared and protected.

      But you don't have to sit back and wait for damage to occur before starting work on your online reputation. In fact, there's a whole lot that you can do right now to prepare yourself and your staff from future problems.

      These 5 steps from can help. Here's what to do.

      1. Claim your business on Google.

      Does Google know where your business is located? Does Google know what hours your business is open? Is your phone number listed on Google? It can seem unusual to share all of this data with Google, but it's really important to do so. By sharing, you'll claim an important spot in Google search results. You'll literally put your business on the Google map, and that could help to protect you from masquerading sites that claim to speak for you and your company. Go to Google My Business to get started.

      2. Sign up for social media.

      Your business should have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. That means you'll need logins, and you'll need to generate content, too. That way, when people search on social media for your company, they'll get content that you've generated and that you control, and that could help you to squelch a complaint down the line.

      3. Develop a monitoring program.

      Reputation attacks are easier to kill when they're spotted early. If you leave them in place for days and days, they tend to grow in size, and the damage gets more severe, too.

      An identity or brand monitoring tool is just one of the ORM services offers. You can sign up for that tool and get notifications about mentions and attacks as they happen. The sooner you set that up, the better.

      4. Develop a fan base.

      Do you have loyal customers that keep coming back to you, time and again? Encourage them to share their positive stories publicly, through social media posts or blog posts. Entice them with discounts, tease them with early releases and nurture them with great service. These people will give you word-of-mouth PR that will do wonders for your online reputation as well as your local SEO efforts.

      5. Make connections with influencers.

      Chances are, you know other small business movers and shakers in your community. Reach out to them at luncheons, conferences, community get-togethers and sporting events. Make sure that these business people know you as a human being, on a real level. That way, when you come under attack, these people will have some face-time experience with you, and they might even be motivated to defend your reputation on the internet, should it be threatened.

      If you need more help, contact for ORM services and local SEO advice.