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    Legal Advice?

    ndp125 Adventurer
      Hi I would like to know how to find good sources for legal advice, Lawyers or organization like legal zoom etc.

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          ndp125 Adventurer
          Just to add.
          I am starting a health care consulting business.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            Your state bar association will almost certainly have a lawyer referral service on its website, as well as tips for choosing an attorney. This is a good starting place. Don't automatically go with the first person you contact -- make sure the two of you can communicate well, are comfortable with the fee structure and billing methods, and that the attorney has experience in the issues you are likely to deal with. Also, mention the names you get to other business people in your area to get their input. Best wishes.
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              Uncle Leon Tracker
              You definitely should have your own lawyer. But, for a starter, you can get FREE advice through SCORE. Go to SCORE.ORG. Find a listing of online advisors. Select the "L's" and select Legal. Then review the experiences of the various lawyers, select one and send your initial questions. It's FREE
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                There is a posting by cindyppl, Home Business Owners.
                Check it outfor legal help
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                    newbiz_2 Wayfarer


                    They offer what is called a "General Counsel Club", it is similar to prepaid legal but it covers corporate law. The fee is only $140.00 per year and you get unlimited phone counseling regarding any business issues you may have. The firm has several locations throughout the US. I have had the pleasure of speaking (free) with an attorney (almost an hour) from this firm and I am joining this week.
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                    lalithabrahma Adventurer
                    Hi Nipun

                    Every state has different law. Also as a business owner you may need advice from attorneys specialized in various areas of law. You might want to look for services that offer free or fee based services. There are some services that offer Legal services and business consulting. If it is fee based, ensure that you have the option to try the services for a month and cancel, if you are not happy.

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