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    jmullen1997 Adventurer

      Trying to obtain a DBA for my catering business. But totally lost about the process. Any help?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community. Tell us more.

          The more you share, the better we can help.

          Is your catering business up and running?? Are you bring in income??

          Do you have employees??

          Do you have a business Plan??


          Try asking us specific questions.

          What is the problem obtaining a DBA??



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            t-man-nc Adventurer

            A DBA means "Doing Business As", so it is just another name your are known as... I own NC Coppers a DBA so my tax number is the same as my Soc Sec number... Your Sales Tax application will list the types of business Corp, partnership or DBA etc.


            So what do you need to an ad in a local newspaper announcing your self (the newspapers will help you ) your name what trade name your using (mine is NC Coppers), the relative address (I suggest you use a PO Box to avoid people showing up at your door, phone, business location hours etc...


            get your sales tax licenses, business licenses, make sure your have discussed with your atty and accountant to make sure this is the correct method for your type of business, set up your bank accounts, and start your "Baby" up ...


            Remember your personal funds and your company funds are not the same, they must be accounted for seperatley. make sure your do simple receipt accounting daily, get your tax accounting in order, and the first time you do your Fed and State Income tax have your accountant go through it with you. I suggest you take to the accountant to help you decide on your recording methods, what to keep , and have them review the results after the first month, then end of the quarter, and then three months before your first tax returns are due. Don't expect everything to be perfect, but take their advice and follow it (your are paying for it you might as well use it)... Get with your banker and make sure you understand what products best fit your business / accounting methods etc (i have all my credit cards go through a single separate account... your banker can explain why... Good Luck!