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    Global Entrepreneurship Week

    Kristina Newbie
      Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship
      and creativity. The Week will bring together millions of young people across the
      globe through online and local activities and encourage them to think
      innovatively and unleash their ideas. Through a coordinated effort with many
      different countries, during one week every year, the world will celebrate the
      entrepreneurial spirit in hopes of inspiring a new generation of young


      You can connect with others interested in this initiative either through the website or our linkedin group:


      Please join these groups and connect with youth and successful entrepreneurs worldwide!

      What do you think is the most valuable advice you could give to a young entrepreneur?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Global Entrepreneurship Week, Thanks for sharing.
          March is also National Volunteer Month.
          The most valuable advice you could give to a young entrepreneur
          is contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE and they will help you succeed.
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            ccurtin Newbie
            Great businesses have two things in common: Culture and Cash Flow

            Culture: Those of you who fly, compare SouthWest to the non discount airlines. The pilots help the attendants clean the cabin after a flight lands. No one is afraid to get their hands dirty. Good companies have great people who all pull together for a common goal-Make the Customer love you. Bad companies have little compartments were Sales fights with Credit who fights with Production who fights with the Warehouse, etc.

            Cash Flow: paper profits are great, but if your working capital is tied up in the AR it is very difficult to make payroll. Every business should have a 13 week budget based on cash flow (how much cash goes in and out) every week. A business that is liquid can take discounts from supplier, enjoy great credit and give the owner that "piece of mind" feeling. I understand that if you are just starting out, money will be tight. That is why a cash flow budget is so critical.
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              ShallieBey Newbie

              Some months ago we had this excellent post on Global
              Entrepreneurship Week. Now that we are down to less than 60 days, I want to
              post this reminder.


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              The Kauffman Foundation and numerous others are seeking to
              promote higher rates of business formation within the US and around the world.
              The hope is that young people will consider entrepreneurship as a path to
              solving great challenges. For the people who want to consider entrepreneurship,
              there are a host of opportunities to change the world.


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              In November of this year there will be a new effort to
              promote entrepreneurship. This will be the first time effort among more than 60
              countries to establish <a title="Global Entrepreneurship Week"
              Entrepreneurship Week</a>. I hope this international effort will be an
              inspiration to young people across the world to face the challenge of their
              dreams and not to be frozen by the fear of loss.


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              Shallie Bey


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