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    Do You Have A Business Plan For 2016?

    seoservicepro Ranger

      business-plan-for-2016.jpgAs a business owner or entrepreneur, you don't have the luxury of waiting until new year's eve to make your new year resolutions.

      With less than 2 months before 2016, have you thought about the changes you're going to make for the new year?

      Reviewing 2015

      Have you taken a hard look at your successes and failures in the past year? If not, I suggest you go back through it all, maybe with pen and paper. I believe they still make those old school tools.

      Make some columns like; big success, somewhat successful, neither successful nor a failure, failed, big fail. Looking back first will help remind you of what you need to repeat or not repeat as you make your new plan.

      What Didn't You Do?

      Are there some things you've been wanting or planning to do that you either haven't started or haven't finished? If you're anything like me, there are some.

      Did you plan to launch a new blog or website? Did you plan to redesign? Does your website have issues that need to be fixed? Are your social profiles exactly what you want them to be for 2016?

      Make another list and prioritize them like; I have to do, I should do, I want to do, I could also do.

      Last Chance to Wrap Things Up

      Yes, another list. Have you contacted all of your potential, current and past clients to offer to help them wrap up 2015 and get started with their 2016 business plan? Make a list and get started. Today! They're already thinking about it.

      Finish up as many of the unfinished projects on your list before the end of the year so you can start fresh. Unfinished projects clutter up your mind and cause you to lose focus.

      If you want to really have a great start and hit the ground running in 2016, you need those old projects done.

      Planning for 2016

      If you prioritized the things you didn't do or finish like I said above, pick the things you can do before the end of the year and the things you will put off until 2016. You might have to make some tough choices, but be realistic.

      If you're going to launch a new
      website, there's less than 2 months left to get it built. Are you going to create a new content marketing strategy for next year? Want to launch a new app? Whatever it is, get started!

      If you start working on your 2016 business plan now, you can easily be ready for a successful kickoff for 2016.

      Treat 2016 as if it's here. Starting something in 2016 doesn't start on January 1st. It starts now!