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    What are the steps to register an foreing business (Import/Export Business) in Florida?

    raguilar Adventurer

      International trade is one of the best opportunities we may have these days. Unfortunately the road is not that easy for small companies like ours (Nicaragua HD, S.A). We export technology from USA (mainly computers, audiovisual, and consumer electronics) to Nicaragua and Central America. As part of our 5 year business plan we now need to import products to USA from Nicaragua and Central America. Basically coffee (ground coffee and green coffee), hamacs, and hand-made crafts and musical instruments like: guitars, marimba, etc. As you can see, there are two line of products here: beverages and hand-made crafts and instruments. We are planning to start with the musical instruments, because we already have the providers and the buyers. What are the basic step to start doing business in Florida as an small importer for these products? The basic requirements change form country to country and from State to State, but we may need just a little information to start from. Thanks for your help.