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    Tired of Outsourcing??

    Karthi keyan Adventurer

      You might have seen lots of posts about the problems faced by the clients who tried to outsource their projects to small scale companies.

      I just wanna say something from the vendor's point of view.
      Few years back clients used to post the projects in some freelancing websites and some professional bidders bid on those projects.
      Those were golden days. Not even 5% clients left unhappy.
      But nowadays everyone is familiar with the freelancing sites and started bidding their-selves. And do you know what happened because of this.
      If a client posts a project worth $2000, professional bidders bid for $1500-$2000 and these sudden bidders bid for $200. Clients becomes happy and go for the lowest bid. Next time the same client posts the a $2000 worth project as $200-$500. This time the professional bidders avoid to bid on these kinda projects. Part time bidders fails to impress the clients all the time and it goes like outsourcing is useless.


      I have been doing freelancing for the past 5 years. I have 100+ clients including 20+ regular clients and 70 Government Embassies. I got all these clients before two years. But now I cant even get a single new client in the past two years, because of these part time bidders.


      All I wanna say is
      -Please make up a skype call before outsourcing your projects.
      -Check whether the developer/designer is capable of finishing your project or not.
      -Make sure you are outsourcing the project to an organization or an individual.
      -Never go with the lowest bid. Choose your developer/designer wisely.


      Karthikeyan K

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          Barky Dog Tracker

          Very interesting post, Karthikeyan.  Very well said.  You're right- the internet and job sites have totally changed the way companies source outside projects.  It's difficult for experienced providers (who deserve a decent rate) to compete with college kids and companies based in India who are willing to accept peanuts for their services.


          For experienced vendors, I think the emphasis needs to be on:

          • Differentiating yourself on value and experience, not competing on price
          • Deepening relationships with current clients to ensure you are their "go to" vendor, so that they don't want to go through the trouble of posting a job out for bid and dealing with the pain of working with a new service provider


          There are still plenty of vendors in the US making good money providing services to small and medium size business by following the rules above.


          Just my two cents from a vendor's perspective.  


          - Barky

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              Karthi keyan Adventurer

              Thank you very much Barky for your kind advice. It means so much to us.



              Yes, we are following these two rules. All of our regular clients wont go look for another vendor. they know our value. We have a good rapport with all of our clients.



              But the problem is this income is not enough to handle the situations now. Coz all of our employees became so experienced in their specific field. So we need to pay more to them. That's the only respect they expect from the employer.  That's the reason why we are looking for some new clients. We cant ask the existing clients for extra pay and put the business relationship under risk.

              Now the situation of the field is, finding a new genuine client is like finding an unicorn.


              Please advice.

              Thanks in advance 

              Karthikeyan K


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                  LUCKIEST Guide

                  K K. Looking for new clients is not always the answer.

                  But on that subject, DO you do trade shows. Trade shows are a great way to find

                  and retain new clients.

                  However, it is expense and requires a good deal of time and energy to

                  successfully bring in new clients.

                  Two questions?? Do you have a Business Plan??

                  The Bus Plan is like a road map to success.

                  Second, Do you have an independent accountant??

                  It is possible that the accountant can suggest ways to  decrease costs.


                  Hope this advice helps, LUCKIEST