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    Reasons Why You Need SEO and Whether or Not to Hire a Firm

    Jon Lee Adventurer

      Let's Talk SEO, Shall We?

      Do I Need SEO?

      The short answer: Yes.

      The long answer: Ask big time web-masters what their largest source of traffic is, and most will answer “Google Search.” That’s because everyone uses Google to find things on the web, including your website, and your competitor’s.

      There is no marketing tactic or magical slight of hand that can produce the consistent, high return on investment, and compounding results that SEO can. None. Sure you might see a nice chunk of your traffic coming from sources like social media or paid advertisement, but none can serve as a foundation for your traffic and your business.

      Think about it this way: A search engine is the map of the internet. Your website is a dot on the map. Some dots are bigger, brighter, others aren’t. Wouldn’t you want your dot to be as big and bright as it could be?


      Do I Need To Hire A SEO Agency?


      You don’t need to hire an agency for your SEO needs, just like how you don’t need to hire a development team or design team. It’s definitely possible to do it yourself, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t challenging. SEO is a pretty complex field where the difficulty lies somewhere between brain surgery and being a gourmet chef.

      That said, we're big advocates of knowing how to do it yourself (at least the basics) before delegating the task to someone else. Before you do decide to hire a SEO agency, take the steps to get familiar with the topic so you’re not lost or taken advantage of when you do.

      Here's two great guides to start:

      Rabbut - A Beginner's Guide To Mastering SEO

      Moz - Beginnerr's Guide to SEO


      Hope that helps!