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    What is the best CRM software?

    mabrady4 Scout

      I am curious what other startups are using for CRM software and how they like it?  Thanks for your advice.

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          Jon Lee Adventurer

          Hey Mabrady4,



          Our entire team uses SalesforceIQ and have been for two years now after switching form Google Contacts.


          It's formerly known as RelateIQ and was a part of SalesForce until it became it's own product. Rather than being filled with customizable database fields, SalesForceIQ is just focused on your conversations. You add your email accounts, select conversations you'd like to share, and collaborate on them with your team. It'll pull conversations from all contacts at the same company together, so you'll get an overview of your team's relationship with that company.


          Think of it as an assistant who read your entire team's emails, found the conversations from contacts that were most important, and shared them with everyone who needs to know about those conversations.


          It's $69/user/month so it might be a little pricey to start, but imo, it's worth it.


          Hope that helps!






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            Sam Makad Adventurer

            Hey Mabrady4,


            Now a days every CRM provider providing the same features but its all depend on your requirements. Just analyse your requirements and check available CRM provider those can fulfill your requirements and go ahead.


            Our entire team is using Skyward CRM since 2 and half year. It provide the same level of customization, functionality and integration with third party tools and systems for both on-premise and cloud. It is easy, adaptable, affordable CRM for small business as well as medium sized businesses.


            All leads and customer database can be customized according to territory, team.


            Hope this will helps you out. Some other best CRM, you can check here..10 Best CRM Software for Small Business


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              clarckson Adventurer


              Although there are a verieties of CRM softwares, our company uses BPM'online  Because it is one of the easiest and modern software which allows us to work more easier and faster. The system also have functional sales management: all the data attached to an object and contact, visual analytics. It is a handy tool for automatic sales agency.

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                michaelxh Tracker

                We use Insightly, and it works great for us. Simple and very effective for managing our customers.


                Really though, business's CRM needs are going to vary quite a bit depending on the business. We recommend a few different CRMs depending on business's needs. Insightly for businesses that want a basics CRM and don't need advanced features, Zoho for businesses looking for a more feature-rich, customizable CRM, and Nimble for businesses looking for an intuitive CRM with a social focus.


                Then there are 7 more CRM we recommend for different needs eg ecommerce, mobile users, online marketing. Like I said, this is one of those needs that is going to vary quite a bit based on your business needs and what you want out of your CRM.