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    Hi Community! I need expertise from thriving, internet radio stations & willing Sponsors for my powerful, encouraging internet radio station. Thank you!

    jennontherocks Adventurer

      Hello Community, Willing Sponsors and Fellow Internet Radio Stations:


      I'm Jennifer, aka: jennontherocks, Owner of ten virgins radio (ten virgins christian radio) run through the internet. We are now 4 months old and heard in now roughly 20 countries, without advertisement thus far. My station and our Independent Christian Artists/Bands/Musicians (and I'd like Comedians and Authors included), are amazing while delivering powerful, encouraging, uplifting messages while inspiring the world, whomever is touched by listening and hearing, and that seems to be happening by the feedback we hear!


      My question is: Where do I look for like-minded Sponsors for our station to continue, especially due to the demands for our growth right now? I pay for everything out-of-pocket, which cannot go on any longer due to this demand for growth. Anyone have ideas, or contacts whom may reach me (feel free to share my info), and any one or entity whom is interested, please let me know.


      Thank you,