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    Small business ideas - Ugly Christmas sweaters for men and women

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      Small business ideas: Knitting Ugly Christmas sweaters for men and women

      I was searching around the web for an interesting business to start and I couldn’t believe how stocked the web is with business ideas that can be of benefit to the small business community members. A thorough research also helped me understand that, what is bad sells equally as what is good, sometimes bad things sell even more than the good ones.

      I couldn’t believe my eyes that an ugly Christmas sweater can cost me over $20. The cost is not even the main thing of concern here, my concern is that the sweaters I found on Amazon, eBay and other online shops were not what many would consider as ugly.

      I had to search further for a detailed explanation of what an ugly sweater should look like . My search efforts landing me at Kenia Online  but even with their explanations, i was am still not convinced that they any online shops that sell sweaters that are not good looking. I am still brainstorming on how an ugly sweater should look like to start an online shop for selling the same. The point I am trying to drive home is; a hardworking entrepreneur can successfully start a small online business of selling ugly sweaters; especially before and during the festive season, and grow it to a big business over the years.

      Given the fact that some of the small business community members in this website may be manufacturers and retailers of clothing and related items, at least this discussion may benefit someone. If interested, you can start with a drawing competition and then buy all the good designs including those that do not win the competition for mass production in the future. This will help you get unique designs for the coming xmas.

      If you have enough capital to start a clothing factory, they you should knit a few variety of ugly sweaters and sell them to companies that deal with ugly clothing or even distribute them to retailers via eBay, Amazon and any other online shop. Can you imagine there is  a modelling company for ugly women and women? I am sure they also want their models to wear ugly clothes so that they can look even more ugly.

      The following are the facts of online searches related to ugly sweater from Google Keyword tool as at 24th September 2015.

      Google searches for Ugly Christmas sweater and related keywords

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      Monthly Searches on

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      and so on


      The reason why I listed above keywords is to help you understand that the potential market for ugly Christmas sweaters and related clothing is high. Further research evaluated that over 90% of the above searches came from the United States and about 80% of the searches are made in the month of November each year.

      Isn’t this a great small business idea you can start today? If you do not have a factory or capital to start a big business, why not have a few sweaters knitted for you and then sell them on eBay or Amazon? Think about it, this idea is worth a try.

      As you all know, online business needs proper research and a committed webmaster who is able to keep pace with the current web developments.  Kenia Online has published an article on how you can rank on page one of Google search results   as well as how you can research on keywords that will bring visitors and business to your website. In the same article, they further explain on how to identify keywords that can rank well in Google search engine results.

      The ball is over to you for now but I will be back soon with the next business idea for small business online community members.


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