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    Running a Document Submittal Service

    sdcms2008 Adventurer

      My name is Kerry Barr Im running a small Document Submittal Service we delivery blueprints, Bids , Sample, Jobsite Submittals  . I will like to get any information on how to charge my clients more without losing them. This is my dream.

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi Kerry,


          How long have you been in business?  Often we under price our services to get customers and then are backed in a corner when we want to raise prices. My suggestion would be to find a reason for raising your prices - are you planning to offer more work to justify the price increase?  Be prepared for questions from your customers.


          One thing you might consider is to raise your prices as new customers join your business.  Another thought, IF you are going to raise prices on everyone, give them advanced warning, i.e. 'Get your work in early, after the holidays I will be charging a bit more to cover expenses.'


          I'm not sure I have been helpful at all.  I hope others will join in with some ideas.