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    5 Tips to keep Existing Clients and Customers

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      5 Tips to keep Existing Clients and Customers



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      It's a lot cheaper than finding new ones. Even if you can't expand your product line, you can boost revenues by selling more of your existing product or service to the clients you already have.This technique can be used by any businesses to increase sales.



      1. Follow up. You can’t contact someone once and possess a customer forever; you need to contact them regularly. Such as anything worthwhile, consistent follow-up requires a great deal of effort, but over moment you’ll reap the advantages of a steady flow of repeat small business and referrals.

      2,Show your appreciation. Letting them understand you appreciate them builds the right link and will help keep clients devoted. Something simple similar to sending a $5 gift certificate to some coffee chain along with saying “Have a glass or two on me” goes quite a distance in relationship developing. You may consider thank you notes to end up being no-brainers, but you’d end up being surprised at the amount of entrepreneurs neglect to publish them. Take time to show your web visitors that you honestly appreciate their small business, and they’ll recall your thoughtfulness.



      3. Take them out. Regular face-to-face contact is important. Get together over coffee or lunch break regularly, and try to spend time in a very non-sales capacity. Entertaining clients conversant in a networking beverage party, where it is possible to introduce them to be able to others who also can assist their businesses, gives clients an awareness of of belonging for your business community.



      4. Get personal. If you'd like your company name to be first thing people think of once they need your services or products, you need to develop personal relationships with your customers. That’s why it’s beneficial to call or send a card upon special occasions — similar to birthdays, anniversaries, or perhaps promotions.



      5. Consult them. How you speak with your customers isn’t which important; what’s important is which you do it! Stay touching email newsletters, messages, or a blog. These methods tell your clients along with customers that you’re around once they need you. You can also call them to let them know about a sales, a new service you are offering, or just to be able to ask if there’s anything else that can be done for them.



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