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    Small Laundromat start-up

    teesummer Adventurer

      Hello All,


      I want to open an laundromat in the state of Kentucky. My plan is to start out small and then grow. I want to rent a space like 1,500 - 3,000 sq with total of 24 washer/dryers. I have money to fund a small space, but it seem like every distributor I contact trying to get me to build an laundromat from the ground up and I don't have the money for that nor do I want to start out that big. Please if anybody can give me some pointers/advice on starting a small laundromat I would greatly appreciate!


      My questions are

      1.) Finding distributor who will rent me equipment?

      2.) What should the space be equipped for the washer/dryers run?

      3.) What is a good quality brand and size?

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi teesummer, welcome to our community!  You've certainly chosen a good idea for a small business that is basically recession-proof, because everyone will always have laundry that needs to be clean!


          You've asked some great questions and I'd like to offer some basic advice.  While I understand you are interested in renting equipment, you may also want to look at liquidation companies for straight purchases.  You never know what bargains you might find until you look!   I'd also take a look at the laundromats in your area, most machines will have a label or placard on them indicating who the distributor is.  Be sure to indicate to any new contacts you may make that at this time, you can not afford to build new. A good business plan is a must.  You may need to convince some distributors that you have the planning to grow or expand for the best rates and equipment.


          Hopefully some of our other members will be able to offer some great advice to you in regards to the technical requirements needed to meet your estimated customer needs.  You may also wish to check out any online social media communities where you could network or find experienced contacts to assist you. 


          I'm looking forward to hearing great tips our community members may be able to add!


          Best of luck!


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            morris_barrier Adventurer

            Sorry, I know nothing about this business.  I have a friend who owns a laundromat and that is all.  Have you considered:


            1)  A field trip to some laundromats, preferably the successful ones around your area.

            2)  Finding a local laundromat owner to mentor you.  Sometimes getting a mentor is as simple as asking.


            Just a thought.  Good luck!


            Morris Barrier