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    How to market your business online using a quality domain name?

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      Planning to market your business online? Use a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) domain name

      So many online businesses fail in choosing the right domain for their website. Due to this, they consequently miss a very important way of marketing their business online. A successful online marketer will in addition to buying a domain that describes  his/her brand, consider buying another related domain name that has been in use for sometime which its owner is not ready or willing to renew it for some reasons.

      When evaluating the kind of domain name you should buy as a way of marketing your business online, you should always check whether the previous website in which the domain was being used; had content that is related to the business you want to market online.  An expired domain can be bought from domain auction websites such as GoDaddy, sedo parking among others. You should evaluate an expired domain based on the current search engine optimization strategies before purchasing one if you want to succeed in marketing your business online using a quality domain. A well evaluated domain name can get you a lot of hits to your website within a very short time and make your online business profitable both in the short and in long run. The three key factors that you may need to consider  before buying such a domain name are the number of back-links the domain has; both do-follow and no-follow back-links, its page rank and its age.

      Page rank is the most important of the three factors but given the fact that you will be hosting a brand new website using the domain, the page rank may go down after sometime and therefore it is wise to evaluate both the page rank and the number of quality back-links related to the domain. It is unlikely that the back-links  associated with the domain will be removed after purchase so concentrate on these two factors and you will be able to buy a quality domain suitable for your online business needs . If a domain has many high quality back-links,  it's page rank will not drop even after the domain changes hands. You may need to research further to understand what kinds of back-links are best for search engine optimization.

      I hope this short article is important for people looking to promote their businesses online using a domain name.