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      We are a clothes producing agency in Vietnam.

      We connect with several factories in Vietnam to produce all kind of clothes. So we have advantage that we can always have the manufacture specialized with each kind, because as you know, each manufacture usually can produce 1 or 2 kinds the best.

      We are able to take any order from any brand or client Vietnamese or foreigner who want to produce any type of regular clothes in vietnam like : shirt, pant, knit, jacket, children clothes...

      We have been taking care of order for Korean client, japanese client, American client... in our factories. We want to provide the best price with the best quality for our long term client.

      After receiving information of the order, we will choose the factory which is suitable for that and send all information and take client for a tour in the factory. We manage that order from beginning till the end, including in line inspection and final inspection to give the best quality to client.