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    Online Contact Manager

    Fact_Finder Adventurer
      Anyone using an online (preferably free or low cost) contact manager? I really just need a place to store my contacts on line so that my partner, our assistant and I can all access, update them etc. I don't really need any fancy CRM functions (but would use them if available).

      I've tried Salesforce and so far it looks closest to what I need, but I can't search it by all the fields I'd like to be able to search.

      Windows Office Live seems close, but not as flexible/customizable as Salesforce. And Google Apps doesn't have a Contact Manager (at least not in the free version).

      Any suggestions/experiences would be appreciated.
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          Bluesuit Adventurer
          What about something that can also scan in physical business cards and populate & organize the information on your computer too? The company name isn't coming to mind right now, but I believe that tech exists.
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              Fact_Finder Adventurer
              I definitely exists. There are a number of options for that kind of tool. One is the Neat Receipts scanalizer (they also have a card scanner).

              What I need though is a way for multiple people to access the contacts remotely. Right now we have a database stored on our assistant's computer...and we have no way of accessing those contacts when we're on the road.

              For a number of reasons, the GoToMyPC type options will not work for us in this situation.
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              ezprint Wayfarer
              Try PHP / MySQL
              I just posted to this very similar question so I shouldn't post that again as a double thread.
              Online Contact Database by RE.FINDER is posting a virtually identical question with some replies to it.

              This gives me an idea since it seems businesses are always looking for this type of contact database set up.

              I think I'll make a starter system and then add more scripts and functions to it.
              A database dashboard / control panel system.

              A system that add more functions to it as you need them..
              Let me think about best way to make this so that its easy to set up for anyone who doesn't know or doesn't want to know about PHP / MySQL programming to make it work.

              I'll get back about this..
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                Spamfork Wayfarer
                Feel free to give the free web based CRM try....



                myManta offers users the ability to organize and manage company information into meaningful personal lists. Because it's Web-based, myManta can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. And there's nothing to install.


                With myManta, you can:

                • Store company information in lists that you designate.
                • Add personal notes and contact information to listings.
                • Generate a sales pipeline, or sales forecast, and schedule and record next steps.
                • Share your lists with other users (like your partner or assistant).
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                    ezprint Wayfarer
                    That's an interesting manta service, but why do they store the peoples business contacts on their server?

                    Storing business contacts along with all their address information etc , and also including personal notes about the companies.. hmm
                    Imagine what somebody could do with all that?! lol

                    I'm making a free prog that these peoples can use on their own servers.
                    10 minute set-up for someone without any prog skills.

                    You can download the files and check them for sterilization and see the code. (have your computer person check it)

                    Having your own database for contact information is the way to go in my opinion. Otherwise you're always relying on the credibility and integrity of which ever server service you're using. Having millions of business's contact information is a serious magnifying glass on their business.

                    Contact information is any business's backbone resource - giving it out to hosted servers that youre not controlling finger nail biting in my opinion. lol