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    Greetings from Patriot Scientific !

    puckett Adventurer

      Good Afternoon everyone,


                We are new to the site and wanted to introduce our company So let's get it started, My name is Jay Puckett and I am the founder of Patriot Scientific. With the healthcare laws tightening down and my passion for ethical hacking and security programming, we saw an area with so much fruit hanging from the trees! Mutli- Billion dollar a year industry? Yes PLEASE , Some very exciting things have happened in the last month for us that has brought us here. Two weeks ago I am very proud to say we were accepted into the Microsoft Bizspark program and we happened to be in the top 1% of  up and coming  INFOSEC and Offensive Security companies accepted into this program. We are in the last phase of a HUGE contract with a chain of 63 lab companies!!!!!


                This also puts us in a very unique situation that Insurance companies and Doctors would change labs like underwear, our system marries all three together with our security method and Intellectual Patent. We are already in two offices here in Murfreesboro and the Department of Health loves it! I am also going to be testifying in Federal Court that will be bringing us a ton of publicity. We were able to identify a breach in a Pain Clinic that is in TN and the surrounding states, the company tried to cover up the breach of 700 patient records and their finger prints.


                With the laws that are to go into affect every Medical Provider must have a plan in place and under way by 2016 to have completely electronic health records! Just so happens we are developing one of those with the awesome guys at Microsoft Helping us! We have very little overhead and we sink just about all we make back into to offering a wider range of services.


                          Thank you all for taking the time to humor us and if we can offer any advice to any other members of the site, let's talk!!



                    Patriot Scientific

      "Where Healthcare Meets Technology"

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Wow!  Thanks for sharing your success story with us, Jay!   Healthcare is an exciting industry to be involved with, and it sounds like you are well on your way to being a dynamic success!  Acceptance into Bizspark is an amazing accomplishment, especially with your ranking!


          Congratulations to you for realizing the needs of the future, and seizing the opportunity to follow your dreams!  You've established a cohesive and important business that will be a pioneer in the ever-changing and fast moving Health industry.  Well done!


          We're looking forward to hearing more about your company as you continue to make your way to success.  Feel free to browse our forums and offer advice where you can.  We also have a very impressive collection of articles, roundtable discussions and videos from one of the world's best Small Business experts, Steve Strauss, that you also may find helpful along your journey.


          Best of luck on your adventures in Healthcare,