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    Accounting Management

    adrufke Adventurer

      I just started a business and need some help with accounting, I’ve heard Quickbooks and Quicken are good tools  but based on mixed reviews (with both) I’m not sure if it’s the right approach-any advice?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community. Maybe you would like to share some more info.

          I am both a QuickBooks and Quicken consultant.

          Both are good. QuickBooks is more for business.

          Let us know if you need more info.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST

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              adrufke Adventurer

              Thanks! The business is a single owner/operating LLC. It would be great to manage both personal and business accounts. At some point I’ll also be managing inventory/orders/forecasting, etc. PO/Invoice creation is a plus. I am NOT software savvy, so I really want something easy but perhaps scalable. Does this help? I would appreciate ANY advice you can provide!

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              michaelxh Tracker

              Hey there adrufke. There are plenty of accounting software options out there, and really it comes down to your preferences and needs.


              You're obviously familiar with Quickbooks. You've heard some of the dissent, sure, but plenty of Quickbooks' critics still use it anyway. It's decent, functional software. Its biggest plus in my opinion is the massive community of Quickbooks users out there. Unless the world turns upside-down, you'll always be able to find an accountant or bookkeeper who can use Quickbooks.


              Xero is a rising high-powered accounting software. Having used both, I like Xero a little better. But it's not nearly as easy to find bookkeepers who are familiar with it, and I don't think it's good to go in all 50 states yet.


              Another option I like would be Wave. I think this is the best option if you want to manage your own finances, especially as a freelancer or sole proprietor. It's free to use, so you can always give it a try and see if you like it.


              Hope this helps!

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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  Thank you, Michael for your comments - not only of Quickbooks, but of Xero and .Wave.  AND the article you included is most helpful, also. It opened my eyes to some features of the different software programs that I had not considered before.


                  It is great to see other community members jumping in to share their expertise with each other.  No one person knows all there is to know about any topic. But if we combine our knowledge, everyone wins!



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                    adrufke Adventurer

                    Thanks Michael...the article was VERY helpful!


                    I really appreciate everyone's input...Accounting is not my strong suit, so I didn't even know where to begin, but now I have a pretty good idea.

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                    puckett Adventurer

                    Hey Adrufke!


                    I would suggest getting an accountant, they in the end will save you a lot more and work around a bunch of stuff as well, but if you don't plan Gross crazy about. I would suggest their online service is pretty good and their security is above the rest, and later down the road they will even do payroll for you! My experience with Intuit has been great and as to software for inventory, we can custom make you some software for much cheaper than you would think, way that  way its exactly how you want it. Streamline processes = Profit.