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    donrepair Newbie
      how do i get some free adverising
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          free advertising. First of all welcome to this web site.
          free advertising is easy. Tell us more about you and your business and then I will tell you how to get free advertising.
          Where are you?? What kind of business or service?? How long have you been in business
          and MOST OF ALL, Tell me something worthy of free advertising.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            "How do I get some free advertising?"
            Hey, you just did! In 20 minutes, 11 new people saw your site. The real question is, did you sell anything?
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              Donrepair, yes-- you just got free advertising right here.
              Question is how many of those 11 visits were from the forum regulars like us versus folks who want what you sell.
              Best thing to do-- copy what your competitors are doing. What sites and directories and forums are they on?
              Join those and participate in the conversations there.