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    Need help!  Help this poor sole test his website

    raftam Scout

      Hi everyone.

      I have this CRAZY website with an Crazy logic/idea behind it and I would LOVE to hear some feedback from professional people like you.

      I spent over a year on this concept and I value this community because  they helped me before on several occasions


      I created a test version with no logo or domain name so it won't be considered as spam or advertisement.

      Here is the URL:




      1) Anything that confuses or does not any make sense

      2) The flow of pages, so people don’t get lost

      3) Words and phrases that confusing to people.

      4) And the most important, If people understand the “BARGAIN IT” functionality and algorithm and if they get curious about it to click more page and order


      Thanks again for any help on this!   Really need your feed back



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          raftam Scout

          By the way, for bargain it part, you can do the quick register. Means  you don't have to type real email address.  Just make sure it looks like an email address (with @ and .com or .net)

          Thanks again

          • Re: Need help!  Help this poor sole test his website
            M.I.S.B.O. Promotions Scout

            So basically you made a retail website where people can bargain for a lower price should they choose to? Sounds like a good concept to me I suppose if you could keep up with the bargaining from various people at once. I honestly think your accessories department could use a bit of narrowing down. I tried to look up just what sunglasses you had to bargain with, but the only thing I could look up was the color, make, and sex for the whole directory. You may want to add some unisex items. Other than that yeah I think you got a concept there. More targeted product search user friendly.

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              Moderator Rebecca Guide

              This is really a creative idea, Raftam.  I like how you are incorporating a variation of the eBay Buy it Now or Best Offer concept.  Since you have stated that your main focus is on shoes, have you experimented with the idea of also showing accessories that might go well with the item initially viewed?  For example a search for beach sandals would also bring up suggestions of UV protected beach sunglasses, a beach tote bag, or other complementary items?


              You've received some great suggestions so far and are definitely on the right track!  We look forward to hearing back from you and seeing your website again once you've incorporated some of the ideas you've received.