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    Needing more visibility for your business?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Have you been thinking you would like take your business to a new level and let more people know about the awesome customer service you provide?  Touchpoint has a new article: How Event Sponsorship Can Benefit Your Small Business.  Read it and we think you will be able to start brainstorming of ways to use this opportunity.  Talk to your employees and get them invested in this, too.


      Just think about attending a little child's softball game and seeing your business' name on their uniforms!  Event sponsorship can be a wonderful way to expand publicity about your business and often the cost is not too great!


      We would be interested in hearing from some of you all who have successfully used this means to let others know about your business AND some of the events or activities your business has sponsored.


      Thanks to Erin O'Donnnell and Touchpoint for this thought provoking article.