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    Yogurt Wasted!

    titien104 Wayfarer

      My name is Tim,

      I am just exploring this community to expand my knowledge and maybe creating a network of like mind people. I had so many idea and own a bunch of domains those I find people to join up to start. Here are some of the domain names:



      I am currently operating a restaurant/yogurt shop. You can check it out at


      I had quite a few people contact me about franchising but I don't have an background about establishing a Franchise business. Any advise is appreciated!



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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi Tim,


          Welcome to our community.  Your question about franchising has been bantered around, in the past.  We hope some of our members will join in and share the good and not-so-good experiences.


          Feel free to join in discussions, ask questions and share your expertise, too.