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    become a property agent

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      My name is Sandi. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company a real estate agent in Indonesia (South East Asia)  Rumah pantura.

      , my company plans to open new branch in USA(CA), and I will take in charge as the branch manager, and my wife and I will move to CA around August this year. What I learned from my colleagues that working as a real estate agent, after your studies and state exam, the start up fees are more like $3000. associationfees, Insurance fees, marketing fees, etc. Two relatives of mine are agents. It's also very hard work obtaining and holding on toa client. They can drop you at any time for any reason after spending all your time and expense on them. There is very little inventory and a lot of competition out there since everyone and his brother wants to become one. If you find a buyer youbetter find a really wealthy one who has cash because for each listing there are 20-30 offers and sellers take the all cash offers first. Its a sellers market. Even in both markets, the average agent sells one home a year. Most real estate agents are (not rich) So good luck. Plan on more than a few months of savings (better have a years worth) and remember the broker gets a big percentage of your commission. I think it is worth noting that a real estate agent has to be someone who enjoys the thrill of the game, someone who is ready to show homes and devote a large amount of personal time to showing properties and closing deals. On the flip side, a career as a mortgage broker means logging muchmore desk hours and behind the scenes work. Depending on how "on" you want to be every day, one career might be better for you over the other. I hope anyone here that work as a real estate agent can give adviseand sharing their experience. Thank you!




      Real Estate Staff at Rumah pantura.