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    QC on my site

    raftam Scout

      Dear moderators,

      I have a website that I want to launch soon. but I was going to use the community to get some feedback and suggestion.

      I had some awesome feed back from past experience.

      can I post my URL?



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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi Raftam,


          Glad to see you posting and your question is a good one!  I feel sure that some of the others in the community will be willing to share their experiences and suggestions.


          Won't you all consider sharing:

          What worked and what you wouldn't do again?

          Any helpful tips to share that you haven't seen others talk about?



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              M.I.S.B.O. Promotions Scout

              You didn't answer the question. How are we supposed to give feedback and suggestions on something we don't know anything about? Can a person post a link to their business or business opportunity for community feedback and suggestions?

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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  My apologies, Raftam.  You surely can post your website and ask for suggestions and comments.  Other community members will be happy to share their thoughts with you on your website.



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                      raftam Scout

                      Thank you so much

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                        raftam Scout

                        Thanks Cath,

                        Over the weekend I created a test version so that website does not have any logo or domain name. This way I want to show you guys that I am not trying to generate any traffic. Just need honest and realistic opinion/suggestion/comment.

                        As I mention before I did this couple of times before and the comments that I received were great.


                        Here is the URL:


                        And looking for:

                        1. 1) Anything that confuses or does not any make sense
                        2. 2) The flow of pages, so people don’t get lost
                        3. 3) Words and phrases that confusing to people.
                        4. 4) And the most important, If people understand the “BARGAIN IT” functionality and algorithm and if they get curious about it to click more page and order

                        Cath, should I open a new threat /Topic since the URL is scrolled way done on the page?

                        Please let me know

                        Thanks again