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    Knowledge is Power

    chinadave Scout

      Earlier I read that Knowledge is Power.  We forget that our knowledge has worth in our business.  The more knowledge the more respect you get as well as additional business.  I have a small tour business on the internet for several years.  I do tours to China and have for the past 25 years.  In those early years not much was known about China as there was little tourism and what was there was very backwards back then.  I have travelled all through China just returning from my 55th trip.  Each trip I learned more and more about the country and the culture which was knowledge I soon found out was valuable especially in the travel business.  I have Chinese partners who accommodate me when I an there and if I had to pay for everything over these years it would have cost over $300,000.     Knowledge has worth is what I am getting at.    You not only sell a service or product but you sell your knowledge that you gain from experience.  This is attractive to clients.  Sell not only your service or your product but your knowledge.  It has worth.

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          This is really some great advice, chinadave!  You certainly will have better sales and customer relationships if you are passionate and knowledgeable about the services that your business provides.  More importantly, you've used your passion and experience to network and make contacts that your competitors could only dream of having.  These contacts provide a unique experience that you, and only you, can provide your customers in your tour business. 


          Thank you for sharing this with us!


          Best wishes for continued success in your business,