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    Lead Magnet

    LUCKIEST Guide

      The most important part of your marketing tool is your lead magnet.

      There can be  a significant difference in opt-ins, just by changing or adding new lead magnets.


      Your lead magnet (also know as the give way, irresistible freebie or bribe) is the offer you make

      to website visitors to get them to sign up.

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          M.I.S.B.O. Promotions Scout

          Incentive marketing is under research right now on whether or not it is more productive than non incentive marketing, and I think sometimes when it comes to incentive marketing or cash per action offers sometimes people will believe the offer is to good to be true. I think incentive marketing is better for the consumer while the business has more of a chance to gain a customer's trust while they are being rewarded for trying out the company or business offer. For instance I have a cash per action offer promotion that offers thirty dollars in total bonuses, however, with a consumer profit that large it is often instantly turned away from due to the old saying, "If it is to good to be true, it probably is." I hope to over come that here in the near future. Other than that I don't use things like lead capture pages or any misleading marketing lead gaining ways, like the free e-book capture pages seem to still be popular around the web.


          Got any tips for those who would want to gain leads online without cold calling or building an email list? I have never agreed with the list building technique, although many disagree with me in marketing. I believe if I do business with you once, then if you liked it you will check back for the latest offers, otherwise I wont contact my customers at all. Do you see anything wrong with that? I mean I see a person's first and last name and email when they do my main promotion, but that doesn't mean I am going to take that information and use it for different business I run into, unless of course they leave a review stating me to tell them like one of my business contacts.