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    My Name is Chris Ferbert & I am the Owner of M.I.S.B.O. Promotions.

    M.I.S.B.O. Promotions Scout

      It took me a long time to find a company that would finally let me promote their company in a promotion of my own, and it feels good. I am not your average business owner, I don't dress to impress, I wear my dirty shorts that I have rubbed dirt stains into with my hands, and I love my cutoff shirts in the summer time. Yeah I definitely don't look like a business owner, but you know what? I do own my own business, Better Business Bureau Accredited with my dirty comfortable shorts and my cutoff t-shirt. Don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with someone wearing a suit, matter of fact I like wearing suits, but I refuse to be or act like someone I am not.

      I am a simple man. I like my coffee, I like my cigarettes, and I love saving people money. Honestly because I believe if you aren't saving money you aren't making money you are just getting money and spending it which means you really didn't make anything. A lot of people don't know, but I am trying to build my business up from a social security income, which after bills you pretty much have to rely on free advertising to promote. I currently run a simple website, not a hyped up scam looking website, because I already knew that the promotion itself seems to good to be true, so why over do it with a hyped up website. I did my website myself, and from time to time I change advertising on it or add something to the bottom of the page I personally use. I don't want my website to look professionally done, I want you to know I did it myself, and I am sure by the webmaster I am not you can tell I did it myself. lol. I don't push my promotions on people, because I believe if one person doesn't want to save money through one of my promotions then I am just wasting time I could be helping someone else save some money.

      I was recently profiled in a business as running a scam, because I was wearing my dirty shorts and my cutoff t-shirt and just simply asked the people that were outside smoking with me if they were interested in saving some money or making a little extra spending money, one person said yes so I gave them a business card, and that was that. I was about to leave when I was asked to leave or they would call the police on me, and up until then I would have said okay and just left, but I can't do it anymore. I have been called a scam, not a real business, told I don't know what I am doing and just let it go for to long. Telling and showing people how they can use corporate offers and savings to their benefit is their right and I am going to start standing up for what I think is right, so I talked to a couple nice police officers before I left the establishment.

      I think the reason for me telling this to anyone at all seems as how it was a little embarrassing is the fact that I think people need to not accept every offer, but don't automatically turn down something that you think isn't real. Ask for a business card, and more information so you can do your own research on it, then determine whether or not you think it is a scam, or if it actually is something that could help you save money or make a little extra money.

      I run my business the way I do for a reason. I am comfortable, and I know I am not the most attractive guy in the world on the days I am in my lazy clothes, and don't feel like shaving, but that doesn't stop me from giving my cards out so people can save money.

      When you think of Chris Ferbert & M.I.S.B.O. Promotions I want you to think of two things.

      "Saving Money is Making Money"


      "Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover, It Could Turn Out to Be the Best Book Cover You Have Ever Seen"

      ~Chris "Shakey" Ferbert~

      True Marketing for the People.

      BBB Accredited Business.

      M.I.S.B.O. Promotions