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    I am new to this community.

    san14jan Adventurer

      I am planning to open a food shop.

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          Moderator Ilona Ranger

          Hi san14jan. Welcome to the forum. What kind of food are you going to be selling at your shop? Please tell us a bit more about you and your shop.



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            chrisblanks Adventurer

            Hello San14Jan welcome to the community.

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              godwin2512 Wayfarer

              Hi Ilona and all,


              I am Godwin Quashigah but please feel free to call me Godwin because my last name is a mouth full to pronounce even for me.

              I wear two hearts, one as a international management consultant which assists small companies worldwide but especially American companies expand their businesses overseas specifically to the rapidly developing economies of Asia, Africa and LATAM. We assist with every stage of the internationalization process starting from the least risky basic exporting-importing to the highest risk foreign direct investment (FDI). As most of you already know, 95% of the global population/consumers live outside of North America and that is where we should all be heading to increase sales/profit.


              I also just launched a new e-commerce site which will be selling consumer products of all types but primarily nonperishable products. So I am actively seeking products to sell on our e-commerce site.  


              I am glad to join this community and hope to learn and work collaboratively with all.