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    Six Ways to Successful Business Relationships

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      1. Look for Shared Common Goals

      Take time to know your customer, business networks, and other important individuals that may help you to make your business a success. One of the most common mistakes is focusing on what your expected outcome is, instead of understanding how the other party may receive satisfaction. When the individuals you are building relationships with are satisfied, your organizational goals and objectives are most likely to be achieved.

      2. Understand Their Business Case

      After you have studied those that you want to have quality relationships in your business, analyze the information and establish a business case to present to them. Let them know how you can be useful to them in their business case. Talk with key individuals that can help you to analyze their business vision, mission, and goals. Information gathering is the key to building an effective business case. It will also help you to competitively promote your area of expertise when you present a business case that is clear and concise to their needs.

      3. Choose Clear and Concise Collaboration Methods

      Collaboration can be very effective when communicating with your business relations. Use tools that will help you to clear and detailed, organized, and capable of delegating if necessary. Companies like Google offer free collaboration tools to boost your email, chats, scheduling, voice, and sharing needs.

      4. Consider Cultural Changes

      Cultural transitioning is often challenging when establishing business relationships. How you shake hands, respond respectfully based on cultural differences, speak clearly to be understood by the other party is an extra added advantage. Take time to study the culture of those you are seeking to gain a relationship with. If you are establishing international business relationships and networks consider all aspects of the culture such as time differences, gestures, written communications, and symbols.

      5. Be Open with Communication

      Be detailed when writing and speaking communications. Listen empathetically to respond accordingly to request. Read communications received from individuals in its entirety before responding. Prevent delays in your replies to request as much as possible.

      6. Manage Relationships with Information and Tools

      Microsoft offers awesome communication tools that can help your manage and build reports for your business networking relationships. Google Apps also can help you to manage and build reports for your business networking relationships. These tools can lessen your time, help you to collaborate and communicate efficiently and effectively. Being innovative is the key to your flourishing business relationships.

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