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    Start up Funding-Aboriginal Cultural Camp in Canada

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      Executive Summary



      Mission Statement


      "To provide cultural awareness and cultural education to persons of all


      ages and cultural backgrounds".




      Four Winds Cultural Camp is an Aboriginal Cultural Camp. Four Winds Cultural Camp will be established in an untouched wooded area allowing for easy learning. This will be located outside Prince Albert Saskatchewan. Four Winds Cultural Camp will consist of four Tipis, a log workshop, various hide tanning sites displaying the different stages of tanning hides, 2 outdoor washrooms, a smokehouse and a shower. Four Winds Cultural Camp is open to everyone interested in learning about our Aboriginal Culture.




      Four Winds Cultural Camp will be an educational learning experience of the Aboriginal Culture. Each area of learning is broken down into sections for the best level of understanding.


      This cultural camp will offer tipi experiences, nature walks, Aboriginal arts and crafts (to purchase and hands on involvement to create their own product), traditional life and survival.


      Four Winds Cultural Camp will offer basic sewing, hide tanning, carving, painting, traditional foods, footwear, beading, decorative arts, and nature crafts. This will be offered at an intermediate to advanced levels of learning.


      Target Market


      The target market of my business is artists and artisans, students (various disciplines), clergy, physically handicapped persons, team builders in government and industry, service organizations, tourists, and people seeking to upgrade various skills and learn new ones.


      Competitive Position


      Saskatchewan has the 5th highest aboriginal population in Canada, 130,190; (*Aboriginal Identity Population, 2001 Counts, for Canada, Provinces and Territories, Statistics Canada: 2001 Census Aboriginal Population Profiles) however, in Saskatchewan, A Research indicates that there is room for potential growth and larger shares in the market of Aboriginal Tourism. The market share is very promising. My competitive advantage is the uniqueness of my work and the hands-on experiences I have to offer.



      Goals and Objectives


      Aboriginal tourism's niche market is the reason I am working to provide a valuable product and service.


      Year I revenues are projected to reach $42,000.


      In Year II my product sales will increase by 5%.


      In Year III my product sales will increase by 10%.


      Human Resource Strategy


      I will be the sole proprietor of Four Winds Cultural Camp. I am a successful graduate of the Native Cultural Arts Instructor Program of Portage College, Lac La Biche, AB 2005 and the Native Artisan Program of Portage College, Lac La Biche, AB 2004. My business will operate on two elders, myself and my sons. I will have a professional team consisting of my banker, lawyer, accountant, and insurance agency; however, bookkeeping will be done by me with an accountant twice a year. It will be a well rounded positive team with expectations of positive growth for this business.


      Financial Strategy


      The total project cost is estimated at $ 121,970. Sources of funds include a Personal Equity Contribution of $3,340, leaving $118,630 to be funded for start up costs.


      Onion Lake Economic Development Corporation will be the first approached for an equity contribution of $5,000. My cash flow shows that if I reach my projected revenues, I will have enough money in the bank to pay the bills when the bills are due.


      The projected Income and Expense Statement shows that my business will be profitable in the first year.


      I will explore all avenues for grants available for Aboriginal Women Entrepreneurs. Total required funding for Four Winds Cultural Camp is $113,630.