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    Brainstorm and Capture Your Vision

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      By Donna Ghanney, CPLC originally written for Ezine Articles October 6, 2014

      Brainstorming is visualizing your success in drawings, writings, and notes. It allows you to capture your ideas freely, consistently and freely.

      Knowing your vision is a key factor that contributes to your success in your lifestyle changes. Once you have decided to make a change in your life you can perform mind mapping strategies such as brainstorming look at the past, present, and future of what you want to achieve.

      There are so many skills that are crucial to your victory and reaching your maximum potential. You will be able to develop a clear picture of what you want the perfect outcome to be. You can always continue to refine your picture of a new life change on paper and basic tools in your computer.

      Brainstorming will help you to visualize the components of your vision. This will help you to remain focused in the context and content of what you want to establish in your future. It will also help you to establish goal to process the steps you will need to take.

      Brainstorming can occur at any time of the day when you receive the inspiration. So keep one journal book around at all times to jot down your thoughts. One day you can look back and organize everything into categories. Later you can turn your ideas into inspired chapters of victory.

      Consider Sixty (60) days maximum for completing your vision. This will help you to brainstorm within the timelines you define in your goal. It will help you also focus on your mind mapping, so that the process will be even more inspiring and productive.

      A well-defined vision will increase your chances and seeing benefits that will add value to the reason why you want to make lifestyle changes. Each tiny and huge detail can be captured, while you continuously continue molding and shaping your desired outcome.

      It seems like basic steps that will transform your future, but remember by keeping a record of all of the details your future lifestyle changes will become more sustainable and self-sufficient in time.

      It is also good to have a positive support group to help you define and reinforce vision in the appropriate directions. They may be able to help you to see more than you did before.

      Remember, keep moving forward. You will soon find that brainstorming will help you to transition to a more successful and vibrant you. You can experience success in all areas of your life by capturing the vision and making it plain.