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    How To Push Down Negative Reviews Online?

    Sameera Khan Navigator

      Businesses and individuals who want to push down negative reviews of Yelp, RippOff, TripAdvisor, Angie's List must focus on enhancement of their web presence first. These sites have extended user base and high domain authority, hence to fix and remove negative reviews posted on them is not an easy task.

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      You can displace negative links from top searches but can never delete them completely. All you can do is make negative results as unimportant as you can so that they lose authority and move to lower search engine ranking positions. This can be accomplished by working on search engine visibility of positive results. Building positive reputation may take some time so consistency of work is the top principle of pushing down negative reviews.

      To enhance your positive presence, focus on following areas:

      -       Comment in forums, discussions and other network platforms.

      -       Create new profiles and update them regularly.

      Refrain from responding directly to bad reviews. The best response to any new negative mention/review/feedback is start reputation repair instantly. You can do it yourself if you have little knowledge of search engine algorithm or ask a professional in case it’s unknown to you.