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    Website developer

    akhan Wayfarer

      Hello everyone,


      Recently, I have started my own business partnering up with a friend of mine. We are called Alif Technicians. We help small business to grow by developing a business website, and advertising. We have various backgrounds for our company and our services are customer satisfaction guaranteed. You can also learn more about us at

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Happy to have you as a part of our community, akhan!  We hope you will join in and share your expertise with other members, as you feel inclined.  Your webpage is a very well put together.  Others should take a peek and I imagine will get some tips there.


          We get a number of questions about webpages and your comments will be welcomed.  You can add another dimension to discussions and perhaps give a focus to those who are looking.  So ask questions, share insight, and enjoy your time with us.



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            Scott Navigator

            How about some friendly competition?


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