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    Hello From =)

    penfishingrods Adventurer


      Hello fellow business people.


      My name is Anthony & I'm an avid outdoorsman. I am pleased to join your community & I hope that I can bring some new ideas to you, as well as learn from some of the great minds that are a part of this community. =)



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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hello Anthony,


          We are happy you joined us and are willing to share ideas, plus take in and learn from some of our other community members.


          I'm interested in reading more about your business:  is it seasonal?  did you invent this fishing rod?  I see you are an avid outdoors man, so I suppose you enjoy other outdoor activities besides fishing?  You can tell that I know almost nothing about fishing and fishing supplies.  After a person purchases your rod, what do you have for come-back business?


          Enough from me and all my questions.  We really are happy to have you with us and realize you will add a different perspective to our conversations - please join in.

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              penfishingrods Adventurer

              Hi Cat,


              2 different times I typed a detailed answer to your questions, along with information about the history of my company, products, myself etc & the first time I tried to insert a picture it erased 15 minutes of typing. I tried again & pressed add reply 10 X & then copied my reply to a Microsoft word file to save in case you want to add it to this thread. I wasted 30 minutes trying twice.. If you want to post my answers to this thread, I would be happy to send it, just email.