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    Need advertising advice - Startup

    luciav2282 Wayfarer

      I recently launched an online women's clothing boutique and I have been having some trouble developing a client base. I think my prices are reasonable, I've been told that the site looks great and I've offered discounts and discount codes on facebook but none of that has worked at all. Does anyone have any advice? Also, it has been up for about a week but I've advertised on facebook a lot. How long does it take to generate clientele? Can you take a look at my site and let me know what you think? How does the site look? Presentation? What do you think about pricing? Content? Does this all look okay? It may be that I am not advertising in the right places. Please help me out. Thank you.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community and good luck with your online boutique.

          We (the Community) can and will help you.

          It would be nice if you shared some info like location??, why you started this boutique??

          Your goals??

          The more you share, the better our answers.

          Do you have an accountant?? A business plan??



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            nj_ItInfra Adventurer

            Hi Lucia,


            I did check your website and it looks good.  To me only few things will strike.


            a)  How competitive your prices with store prices

            b)  How unique from the store pieces. (what makes difference in your online store clothes)

            c)  may be you can join the relevant Facebook groups(basically targeted for any women's related groups)..these are just my thoughts.




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              Moderator Cath Guide

              You have a very valid question, luciav.  And Luckiest and Kris have given you some great questions to ponder.  A week is not a long time, so I would suggest patience.  Give it a bit more time and in the meantime look into other ways to advertise your business.  Have you reached out in your community with some advertising?


              Good luck with your new business.  Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going for you and your business.



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                chosendezyne Wayfarer


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                  Scott Navigator

                  Some good advice above but one thing I'd be sure to do is add an optin form with a good discount coupon to entice viewers to optin.


                  That way, you can build your email list and send out email blasts to announce new arrivals, special offers and other important news.


                  Good luck,



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                    Moderator Cath Guide

                    Wow, luciav, you opened the door with your questions!  I'll bet you have some of these ideas already formulating. Touch back with us and let us know if we have given you some tips you had not thought of - and which you have found to be most helpful.


                    I'm sure some of you all have some tried-and-true suggestions.  Jump in and share with luciav.



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                      Moderator Cath Guide

                      Hi again luciav,


                      Have you seen this article: Advertising Do’s and Don’t’s?  Steve Strauss is one of our experts who posts regularly.  I have always found his articles to be very helpful.  I hope you will find some tidbits that will be valuable to you and your new business.



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                        Sameera Khan Navigator

                        Hello Lucia,

                        To increase clinetele, your website should have that much efficiency to bring visitors and spend some time on it. No doubt that above the fold area of the website is good and clean but if we talk about information and content then it is not relevant which every user might be looking for while visiting your website. You should concentrate on increasing website visitors by improving website visibility on search engines. Following are the things you need to improve in your website that will help improving your website visibility on search engines:



                        • There is no unique tag line or mark which shows the exact information for which your website has been developed for.
                        • Social media widgets are there on website but not updated with the relevant links. Website link  has been added on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest widget.
                        • There should be unique website title added that will help website to become visible on search engines.
                        • Do proper keyword research and add meta description, meta keywords and little content in website.
                        • You can implement twitter cards in your online store which will help you to display your product more effectively.
                        • For website promotion, you can update your social media channels after regular intervals of time. Share product images with proper hashtags and information.
                        • Keep your users updated about latest offers and deals.


                        Improve the suggested things and share the most relevant information with your connections. This will help you generate good clientele in future. For further queries, feel free to discuss.

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                          Moderator Rebecca Guide

                          Hi luciav2282,


                          It's been a few months since we've heard about your online boutique launch, and we just wanted to follow up with you and see how things have been going.  You've received some great advice on this thread, and hopefully you've found it as informative and helpful as I have. 



                          We look forward to hearing from you soon, and hope you are having some great summer sales!





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                            michaelxh Tracker

                            Hey there. My number 1 recommendation would be Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, which I've seen you tried. Facebook can be a great platform for it, but it's also notoriously tricky. My advice would be to launch multiple small campaigns and refine those based on what's getting the best results. Here are a few tips.


                            You should also get involved in Pinterest and probably Instagram as well. Start with Pinterest, though. It's one of the best social media spots to market clothing and other aesthetic/visual products. Just get involved, start posting attractive photos of your own material and repinning other posts you like.