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    Why Big Brands And Celebrities Have Social Media Disasters

    seoservicepro Ranger

      social-media-icon-circle.jpgRather than name names in this post, I want to address the bigger problem with social media strategies used by some big brands and celebrities. Even small businesses can fail in the same way.

      For some reason a lot of big brands and celebrities think they are "Too big to Fail" on social media.

      Whether it's arrogance or the fact they are getting poor advice from agencies who create their social media strategy, the fact is many big brands make huge social media mistakes that backfire.

      With celebrities, it may be ego, impulsiveness, ignorance, or bad advice that causes them to get slammed on social media.

      One of the biggest mistakes both make is thinking they are too big or too important to follow the best methods. They want to ignore content marketing, which should be the backbone of their social media marketing plan.

      They want to go directly to social media with their marketing instead of blogging and sharing. That method is always one post away from disaster, not to mention less effective.

      Celebrities and brands should be blogging. In a blog post, you have a chance to gather your thoughts, edit your post, have others review it, and you get to put the comment or message you want to convey into context.

      For instance; A Tweet is 140 characters giving it a huge chance to be misunderstood. Once that happens you get slammed in public in front of thousands. Not just your own followers, but in front of all the followers of your followers.

      Had it been a blog post, you could have framed it better and put it into the context you wanted the message to convey. In addition to that, if people still hated your message, most of the comments would be on your blog, not on social in front of all of their followers.

      Damage control is much easier on a blog you own than it is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networks.

      Tweets and social media posts are impulsive. Sometimes you're in a hurry. A blog post gives you the chance to frame the conversation and clarify your message. The blog post doesn't have to be long, but at least you get more than 140 characters to explain what you mean.

      It still might not be received well, but at least it is your actual message they disagree with and not a misunderstanding of your message.

      In addition to those points, content marketing isn't something you can just skip over because you think you're too popular and can't be bothered with it. A good social media strategy includes a good content marketing strategy.

      If your social media marketing experts are telling you that you don't need content marketing, get new social media experts.

      I'm Chris McElroy, Internet marketer since 1995. You can view more of my posts on LinkedIn or on my Blog