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    Touchpoint Scores Again!

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Have you read one of the latest articles from Touchpoint?  After the Military: Starting your own business really made me realize that many in the US are trying to reach out to returning vets with a hand up.


      As I was watching tv recently, I came across a show about how a returning vet was wondering what to do with the rest of his life.  Then he came across more and more vets who were in the same boat - many were homeless and visionless.  This vet decided that he would see if he could be of some help to a few of them.  He began farming on a shoestring, learning as he went along and discovered that he really enjoyed what he was doing.  He found another vet who needed some direction in his life and invited him to volunteer (and learn) on the farm.


      This began a turn in the original vet's life and the lives of many many others.  The farm seems to be doing very well and has been well received in the community.


      All it takes is ONE person who will give good advice and sometimes a helping hand.  Are YOU that person?  Do you have time in your life to reach out to someone who is struggling and offer them help and direction?