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    How's your business, greenwise?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      A recent article from Robert Lenrose/Touchpoint made me realize that we are not talking about going green as much as we had been in the past. Does this mean we have done all we need to do and are just moving forward?  I really don't think so!


      Five Ways To Become A More Sustainable Small Business had an interesting quote: "Surveys of small business owners that offer green products and services show an uptick in sales and higher customer loyalty".  Is your business noticing this?


      Could it be that the topic of going green has dimmed in our thinking and in our businesses?  Check out this nifty article with its 5 suggestions and see how your business is moving in each of the 5 areas.


      Let us know how you and your business is doing.  And are you noticing that 'uptick in sales' and increased customer loyalty.