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    kyekuu Adventurer

      My name is Magreth and i have currently opened a new Home Cinnamon business. I started out just baking Cinnamon rolls for my Boyfriend and roommates and they all loved it. I am now located in Tanzania ( Africa ) where there is no big market of Cinnamon rolls and most of the people out here don't even know what is it. Very few restaurants have these ( like two or three ) and never seen any in any cafe. There is only one another american lady who bakes wonderful cakes,cupcakes! She has recently started to bake Cinnamon rolls and they are not quite Good but she already has a tittle of baking good stuff so she is a big competitor. So since i have told friends and family that am starting up a business and i shared photos with the i have not received any calls or text saying they need any or tried to order anything , fells like a failing and i am scared to to send emails to some town popular Cafe and ask the if they are or would be interested to buy Cinnamon rolls from me. My boyfriend runs a very successful business of ice cream and he has been trying to give me advice and encourage me but still i feel like am such a failure. Its my first tie in the business world and i feel like i cant do anything. I need some advice on this, and i hope i can any to help.  

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Margreth. Welcome to the Community

          I love both Ice Cream and Cinnamon Rolls.

          I have NEVER been to Africa, BUT when one starts a business, you

          should look at your market area and determine the need.

          It is NOT good to open a book store where no one can read.


          It is also very important to have a Business Plan.


          Good Luck, LUCKIEST

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            Moderator Rebecca Guide

            Hi Magreth - We're glad that you've decided to join our community, and hope we can be of some help in your business.  Word of mouth can be a great way to start a new business, and with such a tasty treat as cinnamon rolls, you have a great way to spread the word by something as simple as offering samples.  You stated your boyfriend has a successful ice cream business, could he be persuaded to let you offer samples?  You could make a small flyer or business card to hand out with the samples for orders.   Another idea is to perhaps approach the woman who makes cakes and cupcakes that you enjoy so much.  Since you state that she has started making her own cinnamon rolls - but they are not as good - perhaps she might consider selling your creations on consignment? 


            These are a couple of ideas that I have off the top of my head, but I am sure our helpful members will have many more tips and ideas to share with you.


            Best of luck!