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    Software Tip

    LUCKIEST Guide

      When you are trying any software, you usually get a 30 day guarantee.

      Start testing immediately. If for some reason you don't mess with the software

      return it and in most cases you will get the refund cheerfully.


      In my case, I think they were relieved they wouldn't have to handle any more support requests.

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          I'm really loling, Luckiest!  You sound just like me - never give me something to test or an item for a trial run.  I will drive the company/manufacturer nuts with all my questions!


          But I do agree with you that one should start testing quickly.  This might be something you really want and would use so take advantage of the free training.  And whether or not you decide to continue with the software, be sure to thank them for their offer and include any suggestions or comments that may help the software designers upgrade.