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    How do I move into corporate and business video work

    mlorick Adventurer

      Good morning, afternoon or evening

      My name is Micah Lorick. I have a small video production company called LorEnt Productions. I am looking to move from personal video work into more business setting work. I have the ability to film corporate videos, commercials and events. I can custom make DVD and Blu-Ray menus and author the media also. I have the capability to reproduce the media also. I shoot in an HD format but I am able to edit 4K video also. My profile shows that I have no employees because I am able to get a team ready to handle other aspects of video shoots. I would like to know where to start? I even applied as a supplier on Bank of America's business site to see if I could get business through that avenue.

      Thank you again

      It's a pleasure to meet everyone as I venture through the Small Business Community