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    Nano Brands: How Deep is Your Relationship?

    ibranz Wayfarer
      We’ve all heard the phase “niche marketing” and what that means to narrow the
      focus of both your communications and business model. Most consumer-based
      industries have slowly migrated from micro-segmentation down to the individual
      consumer. But is that enough?

      The challenge most organization’s face - how deep is you relationship with current
      and potential customers? Not unlike most valued relationships, you must anticipate
      their wants, behavior, thought process, and future needs. These desires are
      expressed through a variety of sensory activities and will be unveiled throughout
      this article that can be viewed for free at
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          LUCKIEST Guide
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          A niche market is a focused targetable portion of a market sector.


          By definition, then, a business that focuses on a niche market is addressing a need for a product or service
          that is not being addressed by mainstream providers. A niche market may be thought of as a narrowly
          defined group of potential customers.


          A distinct niche market usually evolves when a potential demand
          for a product or service is not met by any supply,
          or when a new demand
          arises due to changes in society, technology, or the general


          Niche market ventures may become profitable even though they are by nature small in comparison to the
          mainstream marketplace, due to the benefits of specialization and focus on small identifiable market segments.
          Niche markets may be ignored or discounted by large businesses due to
          what they consider to be small potential;
          this in turn is part of the
          process that makes the niche market available to smaller businesses.The key to capitalizing on a niche market is to find or develop a
          market niche that has customers who are accessible, that is growing
          fast enough, and that is not owned by one established vendor already.


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