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    Has anyone used the Clover merchant services?

    tuttiscookies Adventurer

      I am opening a Cookie Shop and have an account with Bank of America. I spoke with someone about setting up a merchant account through the bank and the gentleman spoke about Clover! Has anyone used it or is currently using it?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the community and good luck with your Cookie Shop.

          The person to ask (also a member) is Barry  or AMSPCS,

          he always has great answers.


          Again good luck and stay in touch, LUCKIEST

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            Moderator Rebecca Guide

            Hi Kenya - Welcome to the community!  You've come to the right place to get more information about what type of merchant account might work best for your business.  Our experts have written a great guide that will help you find the right payment options and commerce solutions that will work best for you, which you can find here -Downloadable Guide: Merchant Services for the Modern Small Business


            You might also be interested in some takeaways from one of Bank of America’s Small Business Social Series discussions - Technology for Small Business: A Cost that Pays.


            I think you will find these materials helpful, and look forward to hearing from our other members as well, to see what works best for them.




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              Raul Adventurer

              Hello Kenya,


              I have used the clover pos system before and it is pretty standard. Most tablet based POS systems pretty much do what they say they will do. Most are easy to use and easy to update and configure.


              One of the first questions I ask when looking at a POS system is whether or not it is programmable by other merchant companies. That is one of clover's many negatives since you can only use your clover system with the company that sells it to you. This translates to higher rates often times.


              Another thing to consider is that the more you know how to work your POS the better you become at fixing and problem solving.


              I have had clients who are not tech savvy which I do not mind, but most questions are easy to fix if they invested the time.


              Updates on most system will cause some glitches and bugs but are fixed relatively quick. All of these little things can be easy for some to deal with and difficult for others. If you can not demo and see the service before agreeing to pay hundreds of dollars I would be vary wary. Many systems offer free demos without access to credit card processing. try them out and if you have questions let me know. Good luck.