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    Why isn't anyone buying from my boutique website?

    emmielynne Wayfarer

      I started my business with just the idea of doing children's clothing. It's seemed to be a flop. Not too much traffic even with the help of adwords, adgroups, Facebook etc.  I have gotten only a few sales but all from people I knew, so it's hard to count them.

      I decided to add women's clothing because I am interested in it also. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Its an attractive site, I think. I feel like it flows well, and it's something I would buy from, I offer free shipping, risk free returns etc, so what's going on? Help

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi emmielynne, welcome to our community.  Your question could have many different answers and we are always happy to share our expertise with each other.  We would enjoy knowing a bit more about your business.  Won't you please go to: Introduce Yourself and tell us a bit about yourself and/or your business?


          Some of the things that might be helpful:

          -How long have you been in business?

          -How are you marketing your business?

          -Are you reaching out in your community, to let them know about your business?  If so, how?


          Often it takes a while to establish your business and develop your reputation. Building a business can be a struggle sometimes, just keep on focusing on making your presence known.



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            Moderator Rebecca Guide

            Hi emmielynne, Cathy has asked some great questions that knowing the answers to will help our community help you to increase your sales.  Once we know what you're currently trying, outside of just your website, we may be able to guide you in the right direction.   In the meantime, I would like to suggest a couple of articles that you might find helpful. The first, by our Touchpoint team, discusses Five Ways to Increase Your Online SalesSteve Strauss, who is one of the world's leading experts on Small Businesses, also has a very informative article on some great ways to increase your sales with 10 time-tested, affordable marketing ideas.

            We hope you find these articles helpful, and look forward to hearing more about you and your business.



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              chinadave Scout

              You might try writing a blog about what you are doing and show photos.  It is easy and cost nothing.  You may get some feed back.  Put a link to your web site which will drive people to look at it.  You will be able to measure how many people are reading your blog and perhaps looking at your web site.  The other is constantly working with Search Engines to drive people to your web site.  Don't try to be all things to all people.  Concentrate on one line.  One of my neighbors makes athletic bags and sells them on the internet and does very well.  I have been on the internet with my Tour business for 25 years and have been through the internet development having my ups and downs too.  Go to Google and enter the name of your web site and see if it is listed or not.  Hope this helps. 

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                Diana Perk Tracker

                I have analyzed your website “” and found that your website is not optimized properly for your target audience. I found that you website is missing Onpage factors which very crucial for search engine to help you to rank your website high in Google and reach your target audience.

                Let start with Onpage issues

                While checking you website, I have found several onpage factors which is missing and which help your website become more relevant and gain more authority in the search engines for your niche.

                Page Title: In homepage of your website, you have used title just “Emmie Lynne Boutique”. Instead of using just “Emmie Lynne Boutique” you use your target keywords title : Online shopping US| Women Clothing Online | Girl Shopping Online


                For internal page


                “Buy Women’s Clothes – Dresses| Tanks Top | Women Accessories

                Alt tag: For search engine, images title, filename and alt attributes matter from a ranking perspective. So labelled your website image with alt tag. Alt tag is missing.


                URL: URL structure is good.

                Heading Tag: H1 is an HTML tag used to make heading. When your keywords used in H1 tags, they carry more weightage and have a bigger effect on your site rankings.

                Onpage SEO is a foremost step in achieving Google ranking and if it is not done properly, you can’t stand out among your competitors and can’t reach your customer.

                Now let’s talk about Offpage activities you have done

                There are many strategies you can used to bring more traffic to your website

                1. I have check your Facebook page, it is performing well. Update you content daily either with special offers, run contest, offer free shipping for new users, pictures as long as it is eye catching
                2. Choose the best time to post on social networking website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.
                3. Include the “Call to Action: on every post.
                4. Create blog on blogging platform like Wordpress, Blogspot and make your blog more interesting and promote your each product through blogging.
                • 12AM: lunchtime is the best time to share things.
                • 11AM – 4PM: this is the best time to post a featured story or piece of news.
                • 5pm: most retweets happen at this time which makes it the best time to post.
                • 12 PM AND 6PM: high CTR percentages are recorded at lunchtime and at the end of the workday.

                Still if you found that your ecommerce store is not performing well in search engine and lacking traffic then it’s better to hire experts.

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                  craig123 Adventurer

                  Here are a couple of ideas for consideration that haven't been discussed:


                  I went to your website and there wasn't a clear understanding of what you company is.  In the "about us" section you need to develop a story that tells us what your brand is and what makes it unique.


                  In addition, is there a possibility of expanding the number of items being offered and then changing the line up based on the season?


                  Best of Luck,



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                    twentifive Adventurer

                    Besides the above suggestions like adding more descriptions, just a few quick ones would keep me from buying from your site:

                    1. Where is your full address?

                    2. Do you have a phone number?

                    3. Do you have a non-personal email address? Such as,

                    4. More consistent photos - regardless the models, both photos' size and background at least have to look consistent. It looks like you have half professional photos of the models, and some are not. If you have to take some photos yourself, observe and learn from the professional ones.

                    5. Information of "Made in XXX" for all items?

                    6. Information of fabric materials for all items?

                    7. Information of colors?

                    8. Quite a lot of missing links. Clicking on some items but sending me to an "Oops" page.

                    9. Contents also need to be consistent.


                    There are other issues on your website. Your website looks nice, but doesn't give me the professional feel. I don't feel safe buying from your website. Without the secure feeling, I bet new visitors would also feel skeptical from buying. I know that you must have already put in endless of hours to build this website...because I built an online clothing store for someone before.


                    My professional suggestion would be to start from your existing customers, informing them about your new arrivals via social media platforms and email marketing platforms. Then with your great services, your return customers will bring you more business and even new customers. Good luck!

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                      orbital config Tracker

                      Hi Emmielynne,


                      Yes I agree with most things here from Diana and Craig123 have great suggestions. Yes your site is inspiring on the home page from the pic there. With all the space, the words I would move off her mouth. the only other things I felt was the clothing, temperature of the season of clothing didn't match the models expressions. Love the dreamy "what is next" feeling I get at the top though, for new arrivals I am happy, excited, and love this stuff!


                      Selling it is all the above recommendations and most of them are free but some time consumption, but to stay at the top of google requires money each month. I like to sell from the back end, advertise an offer, sell when you got them interested. And then some direct response mailers/posters/blogs/etc. it's a numbers game in most things so how many people know about you. (in your market area search, who is searching your market) 


                      Looks like you have some pretty cool stuff ! ! !


                      Too bad I don't have a daughter I love them Peek a Boot Socks, with them boots, for the kids


                      OK this is my opinion and what I have seen in my first couple of minutes looking on your site hope it helps



                      Have a great day





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                        dant Adventurer

                        Hi Emmielynne,

                        Beside spending money on Adwords and Facebook ad, there’re another approach to getting new customers. For example, those guys bring new customers to stores like yours for a 5% commission:


                        The main point is that they’re performance based. You pay the commission after the actual sale.

                        Good luck!


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                          Karthi keyan Adventurer

                          Hi Emmie Lynne,

                          I went through your website. I have an experienced SEO team.

                          First try to bring more viewers to your website.

                          You can see the difference in less than three months.

                          Be clear about what kind of customers you are targeting on.

                          Use special keywords in your website.



                          Karthikeyan K

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                            michaelxh Tracker

                            Sounds to me like you need to hone your marketing strategy and figure out how you're going to drive more business. Given that you're running an ecommerce business, low sales comes down to one (or both) of these two factors:

                            A.) Few people are visiting your site

                            B.) People are visiting your site, but not buying your products.


                            Step one is to hook into Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools and see which of these is the biggest issue. If I had to guess, I'd say that it's low traffic, so I'll elaborate on that. People won't come to your site out of the blue, which is why you need a digital marketing strategy. Here are a few common approaches:

                            • Search Engine Optimization. Write/assemble great content on your site that will rank highly in search results. Involves not just writing the content, but doing the outreach to get other bloggers, writers, and sites to link to you. Low monetary cost, but high cost in time an effort.
                            • Social Media. Given that you're selling clothes, this would be a great fit. My guess is your #1 would be Pinterest, #2 would be Instagram. Goal is to show off your goods and interact with others to build up interest and traffic. It's social media, so interaction is a must.
                            • PPC ads. Buying ads on Google, Facebook and other channels. Low effort but high cost. With the right ads and the right targets, can be very effective.

                            Alternately, you should strongly consider selling on sites such as Etsy, Amazon, and/or ebay. That's where the marketplace is, and it will give you access to plenty of customers.

                            Hope this helps.