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    How Online Reputation Management helps in Branding?

    Sameera Khan Navigator

      Being an active researcher and discussion participant in many communities, I came across several queries related to brand reputation and online identity.


      The most common of them are:

      What I can do to keep my brand safe from bad reputation online? 

      Does online reputation management help in branding?


      Most of companies that offer ORM services usually talk about negative reputation repair while I see people asking more about:

      Does ORM) also help for business branding?

      Are the visible search engine results are good for business sales also?

      All these queries make me share my thoughts on them. ORM is not all about pushing down negative search results; it’s rather about bringing relevant results up. Such results eventually work as effective sources for business and individual.


      Online reputation and branding goes hand in hand. If there are search results that represent your business, provide actual updates related to it, they are bound to generating sales too.