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    The Importance of Social Media and Marketing

    Moderator Rebecca Guide

      Engaging in social media, if done right, can create new relationships and expand your company reach with little investment, except time.  While traditional marketing is still a must for any new startup, the world is quickly becoming an electronic society which is rooted in social media.  Social media helps create a more level playing field between a small business and a larger national competitor than can often be achieved using traditional marketing, which can often be outside of the scope (and budget!) of many small businesses.  We've created an easy to use new animated infographic that can help you learn how to make connections and build loyalty across all social channels, that we think our members will find helpful.  This infographic can be downloaded and printed for easy reference by clicking here.

      What tips would you add to our members?  How has social media worked for your business vs traditional marketing?  We'd love to hear your responses!