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    Home Upgrades That Increase Value

    michilindaves Wayfarer

      Whether you are selling your home, or just looking to enhance your living quality, remodeling projects should always increase the value of a home.  Believe it or not there are projects that can decrease a home’s value such as installing a pool in a climate unfit for swimming most of the year.  Sometimes the most fancy upgrades can greatly lower the value of a home, and that is why it is so important to conduct research about the upgrades you are interested in before construction starts to make sure that they will only increase your home’s value.  Here are some suggestions of upgrades that will almost always increase a home’s value.


      Minor remodeling projects


      Make your home fit for home and work life by converting a bonus room into a home office.  Add French doors to give the room some privacy without completely closing it off like a bedroom.  Install electrical outlets for technology and recessed lighting.  If your budget allows, install cabinetry or bookshelves for organization and to give the room a true home office feel.  According to HGTV, converting a room into a home office can bring in nearly $10,000 alone at closing.


      Major remodeling projects


      If your home is in need of some major remodeling in order for the value to increase, always start in the kitchen and bathrooms.  These are some of the most expensive areas to remodel, but they always have the biggest pay out.  Upgrading a kitchen is a sure way to sell a home because most buyers look for upgraded kitchens first.  If your budget is tight, pick certain areas in the kitchen to remodel that will draw a buyer’s eye like custom cabinetry or granite countertops.  Appliances can always be replaced so do not worry about installing brand new stainless steel appliances.  Instead, invest your money in the built-ins that are tougher and more expensive for a home buyer to upgrade.


      Exterior upgrades


      Curb appeal is vitally important if you are looking to sell your home.  Get rid of clutter in your yard that draws attention in a negative way.  Install a garbage can cover on the side or back of the home so the garbage cans are not the first thing you see when pulling up to the home.  Keep the lawn mowed and plant colorful flowers that are low maintenance.  If your budget allows, install a unique walkway with flagstones or brick.  While you might not want to spend all of your upgrading budget on the exterior of the home, it is definitely worth the cost to make a come look welcome and appealing.


      Additional space


      People are always looking for space when purchasing a home, and that is why homeowners should make the most of the space they have in their home and then add on if they need to.  Convert an attic into a bedroom or office, finish the basement so there is more livable space. Space is ultimately what sells a home.



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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Great list, michilindaves.  I would think that anyone who is in the process of selling their home wants to get the best price in that transaction.  And I wonder why, we hesitate to spend much money to make that happen.  I believe that HGTV has done us a great service in their remodeling shows by giving us visuals of what a difference it makes (the before and after images).


          Often a little bit of money spent makes a huge difference in the price of the home.  Your list will surely get us thinking of how we can update our homes for future sales and for sale in the near future.


          Would anyone like to add to this list?  What do you look for when doing a home search?  What items make the home the best deal for you and your family?